December 2013 Mileage Run

I’m flying back and forth to Las Vegas this week on an end of the year Mileage Run. I really want to keep my Chairman status with US Air. At this point, 2/3 through the trip, my butt really hurts and I’m getting quite bored….but I must keep in mind the benefits!

A Mileage Run is flying only for the sake of miles or to keep your status. Sometimes it can include a stopover in a city like San Francisco or a long lunch in Las Vegas, but usually it’s a same day turnaround to keep costs low and maximize benefits.

I love hearing people’s reaction when I tell them what I am doing….that’s crazy or I’ve never heard of that or hmmmm, that sounds interesting…how does it work again?

Or when I get right back on the plane I have just exited and the flight attendants do a doubletake…it’s pretty funny.
I look for other mileage runners – they are out there – and visit my favorite travel website,, for more tips…..


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