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Meg and Greg Arrive!

25 Apr

Meg and Greg came out of the country on the last days of their Italian Vacation and visited me here in Siena. They saw some sights, did some shopping and we had a delicious dinner at Osteria Divo, right around the corner from my Apartment.






My first week of Language School

25 Apr

My first full week in Siena was exciting, new and interesting. I met people from all over the world. I got used to Siena and made friends with Alberto the grocer down the block. I went to my lessons and did my homework at night.






Tripp on the train from Cinque Terre to Pisa

14 Apr


Tripp leaves Italy

14 Apr

Tripp left on Sunday, boo hoo. After he left I took the train to Tiburtina and then the bus back to Siena. Easy , uneventful trip. I settled into the apartment to get ready for the week of school ahead. Monday I went to school early for my placement test and met my teacher and other classmates. 4 women , one from Norway, one from Switzerland, one from South Korea and myself….so besides learning Italian, it is a cultural exchange as well.



Saturday to Roma

13 Apr

Saturday April 6 we left Orvieto for the big city. It was all easy highway driving, well marked. We returned the car at the Rome airport, put our luggage in the Hilton room and got on the shuttle for downtown Rome. We got off the shuttle bus, walked to Campo de Fiori , which was very crowded, and had artichoke pasta and cannaloni. After that we took the hop on hop off bus, in the rain, all around the city. Too bad we missed the shuttle back to the Hilton, but we need up taking Terravision bus back and had a quiet night in the hotel.





Pienza and Orvieto

13 Apr

Friday morning we left Siena and headed south through the beautiful Val D’Orcia to Pienza. Everything is so green, but the weather is cold and breezy. The whole town was shut down, so we continued on to Orvieto. Tripp and I were alone on the funiculare until a group of Japanese tourists came and packed in like Sardines. We stayed at a bed and breakfast with spectacular views. I toured Tripp around and showed him where I had stayed before , then I took him to my favorite restaurant with my favorite owner, Antica Cantina and Cecilia. She advised us what to have for dinner and gave us lots of information about how Orvieto’s hills were formed.




Image 12 Apr


Tripp making soup with Lella and Julia

Tripp making soup with Lella and Julia